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Custom Cedar Installation in Muskoka or another type of Shingle. Here’s How To Choose.

Sep 15, 2021

Custom cedar installation in Muskoka is a process that demands a skilled team. For example, some areas have high humidity. In those locations it’s a good idea to use nailing strips or a ventilation product of some kind. Then, 2 x 4 spacers are quite often used over top of a solid sheathing product.

Those are the kind of considerations an expert roofing team needs to look after for you. Here’s a few things the average homeowner should consider when their choosing the shingles for their home.

Start by looking at your budget. Both real estate agents and appraisers say that a new roof on an existing house can raise the value by up to 10%. The most economical shingles on the market are called three tab. They come in many different colours and add protection and beauty.
If wind is a big part of the geography of where you live, consider updating to a shingle that has a wind warranty. The same goes for sun exposure and locations with high moisture.
One of the other factors to take into account is curb appeal. Research says a choice like custom cedar installation in Muskoka can account for up to 40% of this factor. Any choice that you make should fit with the home design where you live in the current or historical house.

If you’re looking for the type of roof that looks good and complements the other choices neighbors have made, take note of the shingles they use. A good contractor will be able to help you identify the specific products.

Sorting through different architectural styles can help you find a match for your home.

Older Victorian homes usually look for a more individual and hand cut look. Custom cedar installation in Muskoka suits this style.
Contemporary or modern homes might have a more clean roof line. Owners might be looking for a more simple shingle that can fit any regularly shaped frame and complement it.
Ranch-style houses often have a low roof line and are shaped like a rectangle. These houses work well with many different types of shingle.
You’ll also need to consider the colour. Once again you should be looking at the shade that complements your neighborhood and house. If you’re planning on selling in the near future, neutral colours are always a safe bet that last.