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Exterior Siding

Apr 2, 2012

Exterior siding protects the sides of your home in the same way a roof protects the top; it shields your home from rain, wind, and the extreme seasonal changes unique to our Canadian climate. When properly installed and maintained, exterior siding will protect your home from varying weather conditions, but also enhance the look of your home, boost property value and curb appeal, lower utility bills, and decrease the cost of maintaining your home’s exterior. The most common types of exterior siding include: – Vinyl – Wood – Masonry – Aluminum – Stucco – Steel Depending on your budget, and the type of siding you choose, there is a great variety of exterior options available. Vinyl is a popular choice among home builders because it is inexpensive, comes in a variety of colours, and imitation vinyl siding, like wood or masonry, can be an inexpensive alternative to the real thing. If you’re considering replacing your existing siding, consider the style of your home and chose the siding that will best accentuate its appearance, and keep in mind the weather conditions your home is exposed to.