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Great Reasons to Consider Residential Re-Roofing in Stouffville

Nov 15, 2022

Homeowners are always wondering when is the right time for residential reroofing in Stouffville. They are curious about whether they need a new roof and how they know the time has come.

There are several different signs. Here are five reasons to consider ordering a new roof from a professional roofer. Take an hour or so to check these boxes off and then give us a call.

Your roof is leaking. It’s a good idea to go up into your attic and take a look if you can. Look for any light shining through small holes. Dark water stains on the wood inside your attic is another clear sign you’ll need some help.
You’re interested in increased energy efficiency. Keep in mind that older roofs were made with minimal insulation and weatherproofing. Given enough time, the attic can start leaking cooling and heating which results in higher energy bills. A badly damaged roof can also cost you more money. Replacing an old roof and attic insulation can lower your bills per month and ensure better energy efficiency numbers.
The age of your roof is another reason to consider a replacement. Wear and tear over the years is one of the major reasons. If your roof is over a decade old, look for signs of weathering, cracking as well as missing and loose shingles.
The appearance of your shingles is another indicator you might need a replacement. Look for ones that are cracked and shabby as well as bending and turning up on their edges. If just a few of these are showing signs of wear and tear, you might just need some repair work done. Homeowners who have an asphalt composite shingle roof should be aware of the granules in their gutters. Lots of these can mean it’s time to replace your roof.
One of the other areas you need to pay attention to are your chimneys, roof vents, and skylights. If they are showing missing seams as well as wear and tear around the flashing, you might need a whole new covering. These are joints where your roofing and flashing come together.

If they are old enough and damaged, moisture can creep in underneath the decking and cause problems in your attic and home.