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How solar thermal roofing can supply you with warm water for life

May 15, 2013

Solar thermal roofing is on the cutting edge for people who are looking to lessen their carbon footprint. What’s more, roofing contractors know how solar thermal roofing can supply you with warm water for life. Here’s an informative overview from your local roofing Newmarket specialists.

How solar thermal roofing works

The whole process starts with a solar thermal collector that’s installed on the roof of your home. Inside this collector is a completely safe fluid that’s heated by exposure to the sun. When the fluid gets hot enough, it’s pumped to the coil inside your hot water tanks to heat the water there.

Beyond supplying you and your family with a never ending source of hot water, this type of green heat has other benefits including:

Smaller heating costs for hot water. Roofing contractors that have looked at this environmentally friendly option note some research states solar thermal heating could provide a family of four with 50 to 60 % of their hot water needs per year.
Low maintenance. Beyond some simple cleaning, the panels require very little in the way of maintenance.
Make sure to confer with your local roofing Newmarket experts before you decide to take this route. Although the entire apparatus isn’t extremely heavy, it’s best if the evacuated tube or flat plate panels are affixed to a roof that’s in relatively good shape. All that’s needed is daylight to run the system and when properly installed, it works at heating your water even on cloudy days, all year long.