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Roofing Material Cost Comparison

Feb 17, 2014

A roofing material cost comparison is important for savvy homeowners looking to install the new roof, for the simple reason that your home is an investment. Your roof is also an investment. It can add beauty to your home in addition to value. It can also improve your energy efficiency, keeping it on trend with the green movement.

To help keep your home on-trend and build its value—while literally protecting the roof over your head—carefully select your roofing material. Weigh the costs with the benefits, because your roof isn’t where you want skimp. Also weigh the maintenance. You don’t want to invest in a roof and then not give it the proper maintenance that it deserves.

Roofing Material Cost Comparison

Below are some rough estimates on cost, that you can use as a basic guideline. Keep in mind that prices are always changing with the market.

Asphalt — $50-$150 per square foot
Asphalt tiles are the most affordable roofing material—by far. This makes them the popular choice amongst homeowners. They don’t last as long as some of the other materials though, and they require regular maintenance. They last between 5-15 years, offer poor energy efficiency, and don’t add value to your home as they are the ‘standard’ roofing material. Premium versions however are highly energy-efficient, can last over 50 years and require less maintenance. Premium of course, is more expensive.

Slate Tile — $450-$1,500 per square foot
Slate tiles add incredible value to your home—and as they should for the price tag they carry. They don’t have great energy savings but they are made of eco-friendly materials. They require a medium level of maintenance.

Metal — $100-$650 per square foot

Metal roofing is one of the most glamorous options on the market, which means it adds great value to your home. It has the best energy efficiency on the market…and—and this is a big one—it requires almost no maintenance. It also lasts up to 100 years.

Wood Shingles and Shakes — $100 – $165 per square foot

People buy wood shingles and wood shakes because they love them. The look is nostalgic and beautiful, and it can change the entire exterior look of your home. They last about 5-15 years, require quite a bit of maintenance and have poor energy efficiency. They truly are a labour of love.

The Total Cost of Ownership

If you’re planning on staying in your home over the long term, you will want to think about the total cost of ownership (TCO), and not just the initial, up-front cost. In terms of TCO, let’s look at each material:

Wood Shakes/Shingles have a very high upfront cost and high maintenance costs
Asphalt has a low upfront cost and high maintenance costs
Premium asphalt has an average upfront cost with low maintenance costs
Slate has very high upfront costs and very low maintenance costs
Metal has high upfront costs with very low maintenance costs.
For help in doing a roofing material cost comparison, both over the short and long terms—call the roofing experts…call Dillon Bros.