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Roofing Safety Tips

Aug 14, 2014

With the beautiful, sunny summer weather encouraging most of us to spend more time outdoors, you may be enticed to climb up to your roof to check out the condition of it. After all, it’s important to keep an eye on the shape of your roof, since they can really start to wear down with age. However, before you decide to climb up to the top of your home, it’s crucial that you keep some of these roofing safety tips in mind. If you’re not comfortable climbing up to your roof, don’t- leave it to a trusted and reliable professional, like the ones at Dillon Bros. Roofing. At this time, we’re going to examine some important roofing safety tips.

Roofing Safety Tips

We’ve listed some important roofing safety tips below:

-If you’re not comfortable with heights, do not climb up to your roof. Leave it to the pros. It’s not worth risking serious or potentially fatal injuries just so you can get to your roof, especially if you don’t feel safe climbing up there!

-Never work on a roof alone. It’s important that you have someone with you in case an accident occurs.

-Before you scale up to your roof, it’s important to wear slip-proof boots that have great traction.

-Remember that roofs are slippery when wet! Avoid walking on a roof that has a wet surface, or has a fair amount of leaves on it.

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