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Newmarket Enviroshake

Enviroshake Inc. has developed a superior composite blend and formulation that is used to create the company’s signature roofing product, the Enviroshake, which looks like a natural silvered cedar shake. It is a durable and attractive premium quality roofing product which is the only composite that authentically resembles the cedar shake.
The Enviroshake product has been used in high profile new construction and renovation projects and is available across Canada and the U.S. and can be purchased exclusively through Certified Installers to maintain the highest level of installation quality.


Enviroshake® is a composite “high-tech” roofing material that replicates the look of a weathered #1 grade taper-split cedar shake, but has the added benefit of performance and durability associated with its composition.

Key Points for Enviroshake: 

• Lifetime warranty that is non-prorated & fully transferable within the first 50 years

• Replicates the look of #1 grade taper-split newly “silvered” cedar for its whole life

• Will not rot, blister, peel or crack

• Maintenance and worry free

• Mould, mildew and insect resistant

• Fire resistant – Class C fire rating (Class A available upon request)

• Hail Resistant – Level 4 impact certification (UL2218)

• Requires no pretreatments or preservatives

• You can walk on it

• Installs with less waste

• Made from 95% recycled materials

• Retains its value, giving the homeowner a 70-80% ROI

• The only roof that gets better looking with age!

Key Points for Cedar: 

• May require replacement due to rotting, warping, cracking, leaking or diminished aesthetics

• Expensive to replace

• Life expectancy of only 15-20 yrs, but begins to lose its aesthetic appeal after 5-10 years

• High maintenance: requires pre-treatments preservatives and other topical maintenance

• Poor fire rating

• Subject to mold, mildew and insects

• Depreciates in value from the date of installation

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  • “I wanted to thank the crew who did our roof – they did a great job and we’re quite pleased with the work they did! We really appreciate their hard work!”

    -Homeowner, Aurora, Ontario

  • “Thank you for being so prompt and patient! Total pleasure doing business with Dillon Bros. Roofing!”

    -Homeowner, Zephyr, Ontario

  • “We are extremely happy with our new roof. Yes the colour and quality of shingle looks really good. Oh what a difference to the house BEFORE and AFTER. We were impressed with the professional workmanship by the roofer team. They did such a great job!”

    -Homeowner, Mt. Albert, Ontario