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The 11 Benefits of using Modern Slating

Jul 22, 2013

If you’re considering using slate roofing—kudos, it is gorgeous. But beyond the sheer exquisiteness of it all did you know that there are 11 tangible benefits of using Moderne slating?

1. Resistant to Well—Everything
Moderne slating roof tiles are non-combustible and they can resist everything from fires to storm to wind to rot to insects. Everything but Godzilla and mother in laws.

2. Naturally Waterproof
Unlike regular shingles Moderne slating, being stone, is naturally waterproof and therefore retains its waterproofing for the life of the slating—like a duck.

3. Customizable Colours
Slate roofing tiles display colours brilliantly and come in an extremely wide range of colours. The colour spectrum is increased even more when you begin to combine multiple colours—giving you more options than the rainbow.

4. Texture
The natural texture from the stone of slate tiles gives a textured appearance that other shingles simply can’t.

5. Low Maintenance
Other roofing shingles require maintenance, replacement and roofing cement, but slate tiles are in it for the long haul and require little to no maintenance.

6. Stands up to Canadian Winters
If you’ve ever shovelled the snow off your roof then you know exactly what snow does to roofing shingles. This isn’t a problem however for Moderne slating roof materials however; they’re the shingle version of a snow-shovelling mountain man.

7. Insurance
Being the proud owner of a slate roof not only makes you the proud owner of a slate roof but also a lower payer of insurance premiums.

8. Lasts Longer
Slate tiles are the Duracell batteries of roofing materials—they simply last longer.

9. Value
Since slate tiles last longer and require less maintenance they are a great investment over the long term, despite costing more up-front.

10. Easy Maintenance
Moderne slate-tile roofing requires less maintenance—but there is still occasional maintenance. But, a major benefit of Moderne slate roofing is that accidentally broken tiles are more easily replaced than other roofing shingles.

11. Environmentally Conscious
Slate tiles’ longevity alone makes them a greener choice than shorter-lived roofing tiles, but there are a number of other environmental benefits:

·100% natural
·Contain no substances that harm the environment if discarded in landfills
·Lowers energy costs

The benefits of using Moderne slate roofing aren’t endless—but extremely lengthy. They add beauty, minimize maintenance, are environmentally conscious and longer lasting. If you’re considering a Moderne slating roof—contact Dillon Bros roofing, your slate roofing experts in Newmarket and surrounding areas.