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The Benefits of Flat Roofs for Canadian Homeowners

Oct 27, 2014

When deciding upon a new roofing system for a Canadian home, there are a multitude of options from which to select. There are metal roofs, asphalt roofs, shingles and many other varieties. In recent years, flat roofs have become an increasingly common sight across the country. Within this blog, we’ll provide an overview of the benefits of flat roofs and explain why their design could be ideal for some homeowners look to revitalize their property in the short-term future.

Flat Roofs Are Cost Effective

For the homeowner looking to balance durability with cost-effectiveness, a flat roof could be the requisite solution. Flat roofs general require fewer materials during installation, which means they become more affordable for the homeowner. Maintained effectively, they can present value for money and offer durable performance for a decade or longer.

Flat Roofs Provide Decorative Options

A leading advantage of integrating flat roofs is that their design can be more flexible than slopes roofs. This means that homeowners can select a system that suits their property both from a functional, as well as an aesthetic perspective. It’s the leading option for Canadian homeowners looking to make an impact within their local neighbourhood.

Flat Roofs can be Easier to Maintain

As opposed to pitched roofs, which feature numerous surface areas that can trap debris, flat roofs feature one large surface. This makes the homeowners’ maintenance work far easier and ensures that they can easily and quickly remove any debris from their roof. In addition, it can be easier to see any potential maintenance challenges before they arise, as there is no hidden dips within the tiling area.

Flat Roofs Could be Ideal for Solar Panel Placement

Going green is now a subject that’s on the mind of millions of Canadians. By installing flat roofing in their home property, they can make the transition to solar panel heating systems far more seamless and cost-effective. Flat roofs offer a design that’s ideal for collecting and using the sunshine within a home solar system.

While flat roofs offer numerous functional and aesthetic benefits to today’s Canadian homeowner, it’s important to consider all market options alongside a trusted expert. Contact our trusted team today to find out which roofing system best suits your home and your living requirements.