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The Importance of a Shingle’s Wind Rating

Jul 19, 2013

A roof is only as effective as its shingles and its shingles are only as effective as their wind rating. So, exactly what is the importance of a shingle’s wind rating? They’re like Batman’s belt or James Bond’s toys – critical to success of the mission, and your roof’s mission is to protect you from wind, rain, snow, sleet, branches, leaves and anything else that destructive Mother Nature can throw at it.
The Importance of a Shingle’s Wind Rating
Choosing shingles with a high wind rating is a smart, super-hero like, decision for your roof and your home. There are a number of benefits offered to homeowners who opt for roofing shingles with high wind ratings:
The Weakest-Link Defence
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and your roof is only as strong as each single shingle on it. The loss of a single shingle in a storm can cause thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars of damage to your home. This cost is significantly higher than purchasing shingles with a high wind rating to begin with, so if your home is in an area of high winds and wild storms – which most of Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zefer & Uxbridge area is – then you will want to consider investing in a good wind rating.
The Insurance Complication
Surprising to most homeowners, a storm-damaged roof may not be entirely covered under your homeowners insurance. It also may not cover all the damage caused internally by the storm-induced roof damage. When considering how much to invest in new roof shingles be sure to know exactly what your homeowner insurance covers – and doesn’t cover. Also look into discounts in insurance premiums for using high-quality roofing shingles.
What Determines a Shingle’s Wind Rating?
When it comes to why some shingles have higher wind ratings than others it comes down to the quality of the shingles themselves and their accompanying products. While reading the below wind-rating factors, consider how these positively contribute to the overall well-being of your roof and your roof’s ability to stand up to other Canadian-weather factors like rain, snow and wet leaves:
1. Fasteners: the type, quality and quantity of your shingles’ fasteners contribute greatly to how well it withstands wind. For example, a typical shingle with a 150km/hour+ shingle with 4 or 5 nails may qualify for a hurricane-level wind rating if you use 6 high-quality fasteners.
2. Nailing: when nails are installed on the correct part of the shingles’ body it can withhold stronger winds than poorly-placed nails.
3. Class: shingles come in class ratings determined in wind-rating tests (called UL testing). They vary from Class A (up to 95km/hour) all the way to Class H (up to 240km/hour).
So, in addition to purchasing shingles with high wind ratings – you also want to be sure that they are properly installed. Installing shingles with a high wind rating improperly is like buying a Porsche with a Pinto engine. Have your high wind-rating roof shingles installed by the experienced professionals here at Dillon Bros roofing, your roofing specialists in Newmarket and surrounding areas.