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Tips To Prepare for New Construction Roofing in Newmarket

Dec 1, 2022

Getting ready for new construction roofing in Newmarket can be exciting. We go out of our way to make the replacement seamless and stress-free. However, we want you to be ready for the big day.

That’s why we’ve supplied these tips on how you can prepare.

Clear The Driveway
Park your vehicles on the street the night before. If you leave it until the day of the project, your car can get trapped in the driveway by suppliers dropping off shingles and other materials.

It’s not a good idea to park in the garage. These rooms are typically not insulated. That means granules from the shingles and roofing nails can drop down on your vehicle.

Take The Pictures Off Your Walls
New construction roofing in Newmarket means hammers and machines will be causing vibrations that can come through the walls. This is especially true if the deck underneath your shingles needs to be replaced.

Walk through all the rooms in your house looking for anything that’s not attached with a screw. As a general rule, you should take down pictures or any other items that are hanging.

Unlocking Gates Helps
Unlocking your gates allows roofers to have access to the different parts of your property. They will need to go around all four sides of your house to do the job.

Mark The Power Outlets
Roofing contractors will need to know where your power outlets are. Outside ones are best. However, inside the garage is a good choice if there’s nothing available on the exterior.

They might even need to run an extension cord into your home. If that’s the case, pick an area where there isn’t much traffic so no one trips

Talk With Your Neighbors
Talk to your neighbors when you’re outside getting ready for a roofing project. If you share a driveway, they might want to park on the street too. You should also tell them what they can expect about the noise and possible vibrations.

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