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Winter Roofing Tips To Help You Prepare Your Roof For NEXT Winter

Mar 31, 2014

After enduring one of the iciest winters that we have ever had, many people have committed to preparing their roofs for the next winter season. The frigid weather conditions can lead to ice dams; a buildup of ice that can prevent water from properly draining off of our roofs. When this occurs, it can cause thousands of dollars in property damage, as these large clusters of ice can melt and seep into the ceilings and walls of our homes. In order to prevent these conditions, we need to take the time to prepare our roofs for this bitingly cold season.

Winter Roofing Tips To Help You Prepare Your Roof For NEXT Winter

-First of all, get your roof repaired! After the winter season is out of the way, do an extensive visual inspection of your roof to see if there are any noticeable issues. If you’ve encountered any leaks that came from your roof, even if they were small, get them repaired by a professional to prevent any further damage.

-Get your gutters cleaned. It’s ideal to get this done in the early autumn season if you have trees, as many leaves, pinecones, and other debris can make their way on to your roof at this time. If you notice any leaks in your gutters, get them sealed by an expert.

-If you have trees, get your branches trimmed. As we saw on several news reports this past winter, tree branches that accumulate large amounts of snow and ice can lead to significant property damage. Take some preventative action and get those branches trimmed to protect your roof.

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